Thursday, November 02, 2006


Comedy Central Animation

Tonight is a new episode of Freak Squad. I couldn't make it through the first episode so I won't be watching tonight. I found the animation jarring and the show generally un-funny.

South Park was on last night. This season is as funny as ever. Last night was part one of another two parter. This time Cartman froze himself because he couldn't wait for the Nitendo Wii to come out. Unfortunately he was unfrozen in the far future, after a Buck Rogers montage, where they don't play video games and the different secs of atheism are fighting over him.

The other Comedy Central animation show is Drawn Together. This is still the best joke-per-minute show of the three. However this season has been surprisingly darker and violent. Captain Hero has killed hundreds this season, and his son destroyed the city with the hug-activated nuclear bomb. It's getting hard to watch.

Irregardless, there's only two more episodes after this weeks installments.

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