Monday, October 30, 2006


Scary TV

Just in time for Halloween, here's my take on scary television. First off, ghosts don't exist, or do they? Medium's third season starts up on 11/15. It's moved to Wednesday against LOST so I'll only be watching it after LOST returns in February. The Boob Whisperer is on Fridays. This show sucks so I don't watch it.

To scare you on Halloween, Ghosthunters is airing a live episode. Regularly they are on Wednesday nights. The other ghost hunting reality show I enjoy is the Celebrity Paranormal Project on VH1. The first episode with Hal Sparks and Gary Busy was really scary. The stuff kept moving around the sanitarium on it's own and there were scary black shadows. They replay these all the time so check VH1 listings. Scary. Episode two features a real hunter, Rachel Hunter.

But the scariest thing on TV is Flavor Flav. He is so gross, I can't bear to watch him on my little TV in my Lego room. This weekend they had the reunion show for Flavor of Love. I had to stop watching the show after two episodes. The reunion show turned into a Jerry Springer episode with several of the women rushing the stage trying to assault New York. She is going to get her own dating show on VH1 called I Love New York. And that's the scariest thing of all.

Happy Halloween!

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