Friday, October 20, 2006


The Doctor Is In

Doctor Who is a strange and wonderful phenomenon. We are currently in the midst of season two. Season three will start on the BBC on Christmas Day. Spin-off #1, Torchwood, starts this weekend in the UK. We may see it this spring. Spin-off #2, The Sarah Jane Adventures, is currently in production. It's about the old companion from the 70's who returned for an episode last week. I never watched the old series but it was still very enjoyable watching Sarah Jane interact with Rose, the current companion. It really shows how powerful this concept is that the cast can turn over so completely but the show still lives on. All they need is a obsolete police box. Nothing else is like that, not even ER or Law and Order.

Episode 2.04 is on tonight followed by 3.04 of BSG as the Exodus of New Caprica concludes.

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