Thursday, September 21, 2006


Survivor 13.2 recap

Episode 2 of Survivor 13 was just on. The most memorable moment is "love at first sight." And Im not talking about Billy's bizarre love for Candice. I'm talking about my love for JP (pictured). Usually I'm not at all attracted to Latinos. But there's no way I would let this guy get away. He is smoking hot. I'm torn on the idea of purposefully throwing the challenge. It was good to do it at this early stage of the game. However it was still a crappy move and it made Anna-Lucia mad. And you don't want to piss of Anna-Lucia. Anyway, it worked and strange Metal guy Billy was booted. I don't miss him. All the fatties are gone now.

Also, I was reading the DISH Network description of the episode. It said, "Another castaway is sent home." Duh! That's happened in every single episode every. That's like saying "This show includes a laugh track," on an episode of Friends.

I so agree!
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