Friday, August 11, 2006


Shock to the System

So I've had DISH for about 5 years. The rest of my adult life I've had cable. But this week I've done something with TV that I've never done before: I ordered a pay-per-view movie. I don't have Logo but I do have Here! which is the pay-per-view gay cable channel. This week was the debut of the gay detective movie Shock to the System. I shelled out my $3.99 and watched it. It was quite good. I figured out "who dun it" but I didn't know why until the end. Chad Allen from Doctor Quinn, Medicine Women starred in it. He's one of those rare people who is really attractive, unless he smiles. He's got a strange smile. He was good and I hope there are many sequels. I'll pay for them all. It's playing all month or you could wait a year and get it on NetFlix. Either way, it's worth watching.

So what's gay about it? Is there sexual activity? Do people talk funny? Do their belts match their shoes?
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