Saturday, August 05, 2006


Reality competition this week

I'm loving Project Runway. This week the fashions were boring but the drama was stellar. Brandon continues to be useless and thus was the last picked for dodgeball, I mean the group competition. Angela continues to be crazy, but lucky. How she ended up winning is still a bit confusing. Kayne and Robert are so doing each other. They are always standing or sitting next to each other and Robert picked Kayne first to be on his team. Luckily bumping donuts is not against the rules but having fashion how-to books is a serious no-no. And that's why Tim had to kick Keith out. Also he snuck away and used the internet. What a dork.

But there was also drama over on
Who Wants to Be a Superhero. After Cell Phone Girl got the boot for having no courage against the attack dogs, everyone got a costume make over and Ty'veculus looked LAME. He got to go back to his old costume. BTW, he is the only real-life hero since his secret identity is a firefighter. Way to go. But I can't stop laughing about what happened with The Iron Enforcer. After being kicked off by Stan Lee, he was invited to return as a super villain to make the lives of the remaining superheros hell. What a great twist. Isn't that how most super-villains are created? Formerly friends with the hero, they feel betrayed and they turn evil. I can't wait to see the others find out. Seven Heros remain.

They need a picture on the website of Robert in his tank top. When they showed that scene again on Best Week Ever I actually paused my TiVo (PTT) to admire his body... nice. I'd give him a blow pop. Don't bleep that, I said BLOW POP!

(BTW, I love you Sally Struthers, now leave poor Jessica Simpson alone.)
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