Thursday, August 17, 2006


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season Finale

Tonight is the season finale of the hysterical politically incorrect comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. One of the things I love about this new season is their willingness to repeats jokes when they are really, really funny. Danny Devito keeps talking about his time in 'Nam and him daughter keeps reminding him that he went to Vietnam in 1993 to open a sweatshop. And his connections in 'Nam keep bringing the scary Asian gamblers into the bar. Tonight Dee and Dennis find out that Frank (Danny Devito) may not be their real dad. I'm hoping Anne Archer will be back as their mom. She's been wonderful in the couple episodes she's been in

This show reminds me of Married with Children. It's kind of dark humor, but I think if viewed correctly can lead to positive things. However some people will definitely dwell on "the world sucks" aspect, rather than "I'm going to avoid this stuff so the world won't suck."
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