Thursday, July 06, 2006


Emmy nominations announced

I can't stand to watch award shows. They are so boring and self congratulatory. Isn't so retarded that award shows can get Emmy awards? It is stupid and I blame the Hawaiians. Everything is their fault this week. I also blame the Hawaiians for the Gina Davis nomination and no nomination for Mary McDonnell. We all know who the best female president on TV is, even if she didn't get re-elected in the finale. Good things include nominations for Arrested Development, The Colbert Report, and Into the West. The best thing is a nomination for South Park: Trapped in the Closet for best animated show. Take that crazy Tom Cruise! Here's the short list so you don't have to filter through the 90 categories like I did:

Comedy Series:
Arrested Development, Fox
Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO
The Office, NBC
Scrubs, NBC
Two and a Half Men, CBS

Drama Series:
Grey's Anatomy, ABC
House, Fox
The Sopranos, HBO
24, Fox
The West Wing, NB

Bleak House (Masterpiece Theatre), PBS
Elizabeth I, HBO
Into the West, TNT
Sleeper Cell, Showtime

Variety, Music or Comedy Series:
The Colbert Report, Comedy Central
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Comedy Central
Late Night With Conan O'Brien, NBC
Late Show With David Letterman, CBS
Real Time With Bill Maher, HBO.

Animated Program:
Camp Lazlo: Hello Dolly/Over Cooked Beans, Cartoon Network
Family Guy: PTV, Fox
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Go Goo Go, Cartoon Network
The Simpsons: The Seemingly Neverending Story, Fox
South Park: Trapped in the Closet, Comedy Central

Now, you know you watch the Tony's dear.
Please, no more blanket statements. :-)

I know, it's just for the performances (which sucked this year, save for Sweeney).
I thought you would be making predicitions on who would win?
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