Thursday, June 01, 2006


Game Show Marathon

You have got to watch this! Imagine a show along the other celebreality shows as Dancing with the Star, Skating with Celebrities, or the God awful Celebrity Cooking Showdown, except the celebrities compete in remakes of old and current game shows. It's brilliant. Last night was Price is Right. I only caught the last bit but that included the Showcase Showdown where Kathy Najimy and Brande Roderick bid on showcases of cars, boats, and vacations to Australia. BTW, if you watched, the city they said was Sydney wasn't Sydney. What's up with that? Anyway it's fun because stars have no idea how much stuff costs. They were both way off. Of course they don't get to keep the prizes, one of the viewers wins the big prize. Tonight is Let's Make a Deal. Next week is Beat the Clock and Press Your Luck (no Whammies!). I can't wait for Card Sharks (Higher! Lower! Freeze!). That was the dumbest game ever. Also competing are Leslie Nielson, Tim Meadows, and Lance Bass. Rickie Lake is the host.

Best concept, Worst execution!
Where was Kathy N.'s game during "Let's Make a Deal" ? Did they stage the tie at the wheel in "The Price is Right" ? And why not have more celebrity player (though I loved TPIR cameos, especially Kathy Griffen) ?
BTW, "Card Sharks" is one of my favorite games, probably because it was an easy concept for me to pick up at 4 yrs old.
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