Monday, June 26, 2006


4400 recap

I was genuinely shocked with the outcome of last night episode of the 4400. The future people have a really large amount of control over the past. Maybe the big calamity they are trying to avoid was caused by themselves messing with the time-line. The first three episodes were good but not great. The Nova group was a rather obvious follow-up to the government's attempt to kill all the 4400. The Maia kidnapping story was more the kind of big sweeping story I was expecting this season. That sister character was really, really creepy. There were so many problems I was having with the story. How could she know so much about Maia house? How could she also get the other kids at the same time? How did they redecorated the house so quickly? Of course no we know that Maia is in the distant future. I can't wait to see what happens next. Where will they put the children of the 4400? How will those who have forgotten find Maia? Was Maia real sister taken by the future people as well?

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