Monday, May 15, 2006


The Simpsons - Random Jokes are best

Last night's Simpsons wasn't too great of a story. It was another Lisa vs. the System. This time she was against the teaching of creationism as science. It wasn't a very inspired send up of Brown v. Board of Education. But it did have two of the funniest moments of the season which came at very random right angles. Marge is in the kitchen pealing an orange. She opens up the trash to throw away the peal and Maggie is in there, looking pissed. No explanation of how or why she was in there. I had to pause the TiVo (PTT) because I was laughing so much. Then at the end they had this random recurring joke where Nelson was dressed up as someone else with a rubber face mask. After the reveal, they would play music from Catch me if you Can and then fade out with puzzle pieces. I love the randomness. My favorite random joke was when the tanker of hot pants crashed into the rocks and everyone did the "Short Shorts" dance.

brown v board of ed is about segregation. Scopes Monkey trial was about evolution
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