Thursday, May 04, 2006


Michael Bad Man

Holy Crap that was a good episode last night. Michael didn't do much until the end, but then he really ended the show with a bang. I was completely caught off guard by Anna Lucia getting shot and then when Libby walked in, it was a total JOTT moment. It's not completely clear the outcome, but here's what I think: Anna Lucia is dead. Libby is just hurt, maybe no even shot. What was she holding? Maybe it just knocked her down. They only announced "She's dead" once in the upcoming episode preview. Henry took her with him after Michael shot himself in the arm. Plus we got to see a shirtless Sawyer.

OK, now here is what we learned:

  • Anna Lucia went to Sydney with Jack's dad
  • Michael broke Henry Gale out
  • There was wine in the pallet
  • If you are a woman and you have sex, you will die soon (Shannon and now Anna Lucia)

Here is what is still unanswered:

  • Is Libby dead? Is she an other?
  • Did Michael make some deal with the others or did they brain wash him?
  • What was Jack's dad doing with that woman in Sydney?
  • How did Jack's dad die?
  • Why did Anna Lucia wait so long in Sydney before returning to L.A.?
  • Did Sawyer give them the guns? Will he now that his booty call is dead?
  • Where was Charlie in this episode?

Also, my theory that someone says the word "lost" in each episode held last night. Both Hurley and Libby said it.

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