Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Boston Legal

Over the holiday weekend I finally caught up on the last show I've been sandbagging: Boston Legal. The show has really won me over and I look forward to catching up on even more repeats over the summer. When I was in high school I loved L.A. Law. I loved the courtroom drama mixed in with office politics and over-the-top personalities. Boston Legal is everything I loved about L.A. Law and made twice as good. The first thing I love it the cast. Captain Kirk, the original Daniel Jackson, Murphy Brown, Odo, Keen Eddie, and Jack's ex-wife make up the core characters at Crane, Poole, and Schmidt. The second reason is the recurring guest stars which include Parker Posey, Michael J. Fox, Adam Arkin, and Tom Selleck to name a few. The third reason I love this show is the offbeat humor. In the season finale fueding associates Parker Posey and Jack's ex-wife race through the office to talk to the partners, complete with prat falls and Bugs Bunny sound effects. Not as crazy or often as Alley McBeal's whimsiness, I was caught completely off guard and had to watch it three times. The fourth reason I love the show is because it's not afraid to break down the fourth wall for fun the way Moonlighting used to. Kirk asks Murphy to kiss him because it's a "sweeps episode". The original Daniel Jackson compliments Captain Kirk on being a good actor and he replies "I won an Emmy!" And the final reason I love Boston Legal is Mark Valley. He needs to take his shirt off more. Don't miss this show, put it on your TiVo.

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