Friday, May 19, 2006


Best Sit-Com Finale ever

I was exceptionally pleased with the finale to last night's Will & Grace. Often a show will end and the finale episode will have the characters move on to a new phase of their lives. The Friends moved out to different places. Mary Tyler Moore and company all got fired and moved on. This leaves the door open to spin-offs. But in last night's Will and Grace, not only did they rap up the stories of love, babies, and friendship, but we got to see what happen two years (Will and Grace reconcile, but then loose touch), 18 years (Will and Grace meet again moving their kids into school), and 22 years later (Karen and Jack live happily ever after with singing and Will and Grace's kids get married to each other). And then the four characters meet up at the bar they were at in the pilot. What a great ending. No mystery or death (other than Beverly Leslie), just love and friendship. And that's what the show was all about. Plus, I got laid afterward.

Was the laid part really necessary?
Yeah, when did this blog become about your sex life?

If your reviews are filtered through the lens of your testosterone level, how will we truly know what parts of TV to like best?
Don't you really mean that you got screwed because you had to watch the Will and Grace Finale?
I didn't even realize there were showing the Finale at Basic Plumbing

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