Monday, May 01, 2006


The Apprentice

Thank The Donald the Sticker Bitch (Andrea) was fired last week. She was so terrible. She was so condescending. Last week we were also introduced to Donald Jr. and Ivanka. Is Donald getting ready to use them next season in L.A.? He can’t very well use Carolyn and George, they have businesses to run in the NY area. I have to give them big thumbs down for their first performance. Ivanka was either to nice or super bitchy, but that was probably the editing. DJr was just pointless. Good job kids! Really? No, not really.

So who’s left:

  • Allie – She held up well in the board room, she could make the final four
  • Michael – He’s no good, hopefully he’ll go soon
  • Roxanne – She’s been flying under the radar. This might take her to the top
  • Sean – “What a Wanker,” not really but that what he thinks of him teammates
  • Tammy – She’s pretty good
  • Charmaine – She should have been fired weeks ago for getting them late to the meeting. Girl, you gotta go.
  • Lee – He is the worst of those left. His best trait is manipulation. He got lucky with the early morning selling spot last week.
  • Tarek – The cutest guy left, I hope he makes it. Donald doesn’t like him.

Oh my gosh, this blog looks so much better than your msn blog, I love it! The pictures are actually big enough to be seen!

Anyhoo, I kind of liked the woman who got fired because she reminded me of our friend Christine, except Christine is nicer. But they look very similar.

I thought Donald having his son and daughter on the show was so cheesy. Ivanka actually seems to be the more professional of the two.
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