Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Apprentice: Worst Fashion Show Ever

It's really easy to win at the tasks on the Apprentice. First figure out who picks the winner. Is it the executive's decision? Is it the most sales? Is it a pole by consumers? If it's the most sales, figure out how to make the most sales. If it's the executives, figure out what their goals are and cater to them. If it's a survey, talk to your demographic. That's exactly what Allie and Roxanne didn't do. Well they did talk to the employees, they just didn't listen to what they had to say. Their task of redesigning the Embassy Suites uniforms turned so ridiculous, I'm surprised they even got 25% of the employees to choose their designs. The best part was watching those two useless pieces of statue turn on each other so quickly in the boardroom. Roxanne turned on Allie almost immediately after assuring the camera she wouldn't. I kept screaming at the screen to fire them both. Luckily Donald heard my cries across space and time and did so. Good bye forever.

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