Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Amazing Race Final Four

Tonight we are down to the final four teams as the races spend another episode in Australia. We are down to the Frat boys, the Hippies, MoJo, and Ray and Yolanda (do they have a nickname I'm missing). My team is MoJo, because Joseph is the hottest guy left on the race. The Frats are just tooooo straight. I'm over the lovable hippies. We've got the first big feud of the race with MoJo and the Hippies. MoJo hate them. Ray and Yolanda have had like two arguments and the editing makes it looks like the two are on the verge of divorce. I think they are the next to get the boot. I'm on the Race email list and this week they promised to have a foot race to a yield, where the winning time yields the other team right in front of them. Ha! I can't wait to see that.

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