Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Boston Legal

Over the holiday weekend I finally caught up on the last show I've been sandbagging: Boston Legal. The show has really won me over and I look forward to catching up on even more repeats over the summer. When I was in high school I loved L.A. Law. I loved the courtroom drama mixed in with office politics and over-the-top personalities. Boston Legal is everything I loved about L.A. Law and made twice as good. The first thing I love it the cast. Captain Kirk, the original Daniel Jackson, Murphy Brown, Odo, Keen Eddie, and Jack's ex-wife make up the core characters at Crane, Poole, and Schmidt. The second reason is the recurring guest stars which include Parker Posey, Michael J. Fox, Adam Arkin, and Tom Selleck to name a few. The third reason I love this show is the offbeat humor. In the season finale fueding associates Parker Posey and Jack's ex-wife race through the office to talk to the partners, complete with prat falls and Bugs Bunny sound effects. Not as crazy or often as Alley McBeal's whimsiness, I was caught completely off guard and had to watch it three times. The fourth reason I love the show is because it's not afraid to break down the fourth wall for fun the way Moonlighting used to. Kirk asks Murphy to kiss him because it's a "sweeps episode". The original Daniel Jackson compliments Captain Kirk on being a good actor and he replies "I won an Emmy!" And the final reason I love Boston Legal is Mark Valley. He needs to take his shirt off more. Don't miss this show, put it on your TiVo.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


LOST - Nothing Happened

I'm just quoting Charlie to Claire. In fact lots happened and LOST keeps on delivering. A great show is one that introduces mysteries and solves them while introducing more mysteries. We now know the secrets of the hatch and so forth. The only thing I was disappointed in was the Libby story line. She's dead now and we didn't learn anything new about her character. In fact we have more mysteries surrounding her. And for the first time last night we got to see events that happened back in civilization. That's big. Here's what we know:

Here are the new questions:

and the biggest question...Which cast members are signed on for next season?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It's Just Karaoke!

First off, if you ever are looking for anything on the internet, just go to Wikipedia first. That's where I always find whatever I'm looking for. I looked back at the #1 shows throughout the short life of television. In the 50's there was Lucy. The 60's were all about Bonanza and The Beverly Hillbillies. The 70's were dominated by All in the Family. In the 80's Dallas and Dynasty gave way to Cosby. The 90's started off with 60 minutes but finished with Seinfeld and ER. This historical list is dominated by dramas and sit-coms with a sprinkling of variety shows, games shows, and news shows. If anyone told me 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago that the number #1 show for two years running (with no sign of stopping) was going to be a bunch of young people singing karaoke, I would have said, "No flippin' way!" But that's the way our country is these days. Tonight is the finale of the fifth incarnation of American Idol, the most popular talent show ever. I have better things to do than watch people sing the songs that made other people famous so I'll be watching the finale of LOST. I think Charlie is going to die.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The FOX Fall Schedule

I'm quite surprised the War at Home got renewed. I was tired of those characters after only a few episodes. It's been moved to 9:30 with American Dad on at 8:30. FOX knows it has a winner with Idol and can use those two nights for other shows in the fall. It's only other big winner is House. I never watched it because the commercials when it debuted last year were so over the top. Anyway, here are the new shows for the fall:


Apprentice: Worst Fashion Show Ever

It's really easy to win at the tasks on the Apprentice. First figure out who picks the winner. Is it the executive's decision? Is it the most sales? Is it a pole by consumers? If it's the most sales, figure out how to make the most sales. If it's the executives, figure out what their goals are and cater to them. If it's a survey, talk to your demographic. That's exactly what Allie and Roxanne didn't do. Well they did talk to the employees, they just didn't listen to what they had to say. Their task of redesigning the Embassy Suites uniforms turned so ridiculous, I'm surprised they even got 25% of the employees to choose their designs. The best part was watching those two useless pieces of statue turn on each other so quickly in the boardroom. Roxanne turned on Allie almost immediately after assuring the camera she wouldn't. I kept screaming at the screen to fire them both. Luckily Donald heard my cries across space and time and did so. Good bye forever.


24: Day 5 Finale

Another day is over on 24 and another President down. They go through Presidents really quick on that show. I was a little disappointed with the beginning. I found the whole idea of terrorist taking control of a Russian submarine in Long Beach Harbor a little much even for that show. Luckily that went by quick an we got on to the exciting conclusion to President Logan's treason. The look on First Lady Charlene's face when Logan is about to be taken off was worthy of an Emmy for Jean Smart alone. She and Novak had such great "gotcha" looks. It was a great pay-off. Last season ended with the stupidest ending ever, Jack walking into the sunrise. This year had a great cliff-hanger, Jack being shanghaied by the Chinese. Day 5 was certainly the best season yet.

Saturday, May 20, 2006



It's MADtv's season finale tonight. This show is hit or miss for me. I love when they spoof shows and movies. This season had great Ghost Whisperer and Medium spoofs. I quote them often. I find their recurring characters tiring, such as Stewart, that annoying high school coach, Tank, or Dot. I never tire of the Lillian Verner catalog Game Show. Other favorites of mine are the very, very bad stand-up woman and the Abercrombie employees.


CBS The Network of Sadness

With three CSI's and so many other procedural dramas, CBS is certainly typecasting itself as the place to sit and watch people be killed, raped, victimized, and kidnapped. It's just so sad. That's why I've crowned CBS with the new title, "The Network of Sadness". I'm confused as the move of The Amazing Race to the Sunday night timeslot. It is a more family friendly night and it's probably the least sad show on the schedule. I'm glad it's doing so well after being cancelled three years ago. Here are the new shows:

Friday, May 19, 2006


The CW Fall Schedule

I'm way behind on my analysis of the new fall schedule. I'm going to skip to The CW since they only have two new shows. The good news is Veronica Mars is back. It's now paired with the Gilmore Girls on Tuesday. Smallville is back also. They also un-canceled 7th Heaven. Hoo-ray. Here are the new shows:


Best Sit-Com Finale ever

I was exceptionally pleased with the finale to last night's Will & Grace. Often a show will end and the finale episode will have the characters move on to a new phase of their lives. The Friends moved out to different places. Mary Tyler Moore and company all got fired and moved on. This leaves the door open to spin-offs. But in last night's Will and Grace, not only did they rap up the stories of love, babies, and friendship, but we got to see what happen two years (Will and Grace reconcile, but then loose touch), 18 years (Will and Grace meet again moving their kids into school), and 22 years later (Karen and Jack live happily ever after with singing and Will and Grace's kids get married to each other). And then the four characters meet up at the bar they were at in the pilot. What a great ending. No mystery or death (other than Beverly Leslie), just love and friendship. And that's what the show was all about. Plus, I got laid afterward.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Bye, Bye Will & Grace

It's the finale farewell tonight. Will Jack's show be successful? Will Karen divorce Stan? Will Grace and Leo get back together and move to Rome? Will Will get back together with Vince and move to Harlem? Who will be back for the finale?

The show starts at 9:00 but there is a retrospective at 8:00 so we've got a two hour block of W&G. I'll miss the show.



Last night's LOST had lots going for it. We get to see what Michael was up to during his absence. It was only the third time we got a island flashback. Or was it the second? Can we count "The Other 48 Days" as a flashback? Irregardless, we see more of Alex, Mr. Smilely, and were introduced to Miss Clue (or Klue, or Klugh, whatever). In a surprise move, Jack told someone his back story. He told Sayid he was in Sydney to bring back his father's body. No one every tells anyone their backstory. I was also surprised at Sawyer's confession to Jack that not only did he screw Anna-Lucia but he's Jack's new BFF. Maybe they might start trusting each other. Naaaa. So here's what we know now:

Here are the new questions:


Die Hippie, Die

Was it a coincidence that the episode of South Park that was shown immediately after the Amazing Race was "Die Hippie, Die" the one where Cartman becomes an exterminator for the growing hippie problem? Was it a coincidence or did they know the Hippies were going to win the race or at least make it to the last leg? I was disappointed to see all the hard work of Eric and Jeremy fall apart at the last minute because they didn't know how to order the flags of the countries they visited. Too bad. Did the Hippies happen to hit both non-elimination rounds in last place or did the producers rig the show to keep the flamboyant team in the game? We may never know. At least the #1 and #2 teams are still friends as scene in the post race party photo.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Future Weapons

I found this new show a few weeks ago and I keep coming back to it. It's on The Discovery Channel after Myth Busters which totally fits as their new high testosterone TV schedule. On Future Weapons this super hot and hunky ex-Navy Seal (Richard Machowicz) goes around the country (and sometimes the world) to see new weapons getting ready to be deployed. There are some really kick-ass high tech stuff on this show. My favorite was the new auto-loading tank which can fire several shells so rapidly and at different angles of trajectories that all will hit the target simultaneously. Tonight's episode is called "Smart Weapons". I hope they don't give guns to robots. That's the path to destruction of society.


ABC Fall Schedule 2006

ABC has a bunch of new shows for the fall. Out are Rodney and Invasion. Grey's Anatomy was moved to Thursday. Here are the new shows, nothing too exciting:


The Amazing Race Finish Line

The ninth race comes to an end tonight. Last week MoJo was eliminated so it's down to the Hippies, the Frat Boys, and Ray and Yolanda. I actually don't have a favorite among them. I think they are all good teams and would welcome a victory from any other them. I didn't have the greatest opinion of the Hippies until I watched Tyler's documentary about his walking trek across Japan. It was very interesting. Tonight the teams go to Japan so I wonder if they will bring up his previous trip.


Invasion - Series Finale

If you haven't heard, ABC did not pick up Invasion for a second season. I get really pissed when I invest an entire season in a show and then it ends without a satisfactory resolution. I'm not saying Invasion won't have a satisfactory resolution, I just am not confident it will have one. I guess it's my fault for sticking with this crappy show anyway. "You don't care about our kids!" "No, YOU don't care about our kids." I won't miss this show but I do wish that the network would do a 2-hour TV movie follow-up to tie up all loose ends.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


NBC Fall Schedule 2006

Yesterday NBC released its fall schedule. Surface is gone. Boo! Scrubs is back. Yay! But not until midseason. Boo! And for some strange reason they have TWO shows about the behind the scenes happenings at a SNL type skit comedy show. I can understand two such shows debuting in the same season, but on the same network? That's retarded. I'll watch the Tina Fey show.

Last season we had three rounds of The Apprentice but next season we are down to only one. The Donald doesn't get his show on until January and he will be up against Desperate Housewives. Could this be the last season?

Anyway, here are the new shows:


Apprentice Recap

I now truly believe that Roxanne is a useless piece of statue. I hope she's the next to go. Tammy turned incredibly whinny so I wasn't too sorry to see here leave. I'm so glad that Gold Rush won because if they had lost my favorite candidate, Sean, would certainly have been fired. I don't think he is particularly great, it's just everyone else sucks so bad they should all be fired. By winning they got the greatest award, being voice actors in the movie, Over the Hedge, and an IMDB credit.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Prison Break

Tonight is the season finale of Prison Break which is followed by another exciting episode of 24. I am many, many episodes behind on Prison Break. TiVo actually dropped three episodes and I had to go buy them on iTunes. I tried to watch them this morning but my laptop is old and kept crashing. From the previews I saw during last night's FOX shows it looks like the prison break-outs are outside the prison and on the run. Let's see how far they get before the season ends.


The Simpsons - Random Jokes are best

Last night's Simpsons wasn't too great of a story. It was another Lisa vs. the System. This time she was against the teaching of creationism as science. It wasn't a very inspired send up of Brown v. Board of Education. But it did have two of the funniest moments of the season which came at very random right angles. Marge is in the kitchen pealing an orange. She opens up the trash to throw away the peal and Maggie is in there, looking pissed. No explanation of how or why she was in there. I had to pause the TiVo (PTT) because I was laughing so much. Then at the end they had this random recurring joke where Nelson was dressed up as someone else with a rubber face mask. After the reveal, they would play music from Catch me if you Can and then fade out with puzzle pieces. I love the randomness. My favorite random joke was when the tanker of hot pants crashed into the rocks and everyone did the "Short Shorts" dance.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Lost - ? Recap

Another episode and another death. But it wasn't Eko like the preview hinted too, but poor Libby. Her last gasp was the name of her killer but no one understood. I really didn't want to see her go. I'm still convinced she was an other and Michael will be punished by them for her killing. In another surprise Eko told Locke part of his backstory (no one every shares their backstory on this show) and they found the Pearl hatch. I loved that the question mark was a physical question mark on the ground that could be seen from the sky. Loved it! Anyway, here's what we learned:

New questions:

And my theory that someone says the word "lost" each week holds. Locke said it to Eko as they looked for the question mark. Has anyone else on the internet caught onto this?


Supersized Thursday

I love the super-sized Thursday sit-coms. This was the first one in years now that we finally got Donald off this night. Tonight we get 40 minute episodes of Will & Grace, My Name is Earl, and The Office. The later two are the season finales. The W&G finale isn't until one more week. On the Earl finale, Earl decides to cross number one off his list, but like all of his tasks, turns out to be more than he expects.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Veronica Mars - finale recap

Last night was the last episode of Veronica Mars second season. We had lots of guest stars, the death of three characters, and an arrest of another. The thing I always notice about VM is how long the intro segments are before the starting kicks in. Most shows have just one or two scenes to set up the episodes, but not Veronica. Last night had a lengthy dream sequence with Lilly, Duncan, and her mom making appearances. We then got to find out the bus was crashed by Cassidy (don't call him Beaver) Cassablancas who has been a badder boy than we ever realized. He's dead now. I'm still confused about he and his brother Dick ages. I always thought Dick was a senior and Beaver was a junior, but Dick wasn't with the other seniors at graduation. Are they twins or something? Anyway Kuzak found out the hard way that a celebrity will get you out of jail for murder but won't keep you from being murdered yourself by the henchman for the dead girls incredibly wealthy family. Don't mess with the super rich. Death #3 was Woody when his plane blew up right over Neptune. I knew that Keith couldn't die. And it looks like Logan and Veronica might be on their way back to being a functional couple again. Good episode with a week cliffhanger. I don't really care. VM does the season long mystery so well we don't need a big surprise ending. Here's what we were left with:

  • What was in case Cordelia showed Keith to make him ditch the vacation he had planned?
  • Did Veronica go to NY by herself?
  • Where is everyone going to college?
  • Is normal the watchword? What is a watchword?
  • Will the CW pick it up for a third season?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Bird Flu in America

The news has be promising a deadly bird flu plague for over a year now. I think the closest we are really going to see to anything remotely devastating are in tonight's ABC movie, Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America. It stars the crazy wife from Nip/Tuck as a member of the Epidemic Intelligence Service (I wonder if Homeland Security will absorb them like CTU) trying to stop the outbreak in America, but it's too late. For all the talk of bird flu, we just finished one of the mildest flu seasons in recent years. If you get it, use the ancient white man remedy of Chicken Soup and Nyquil.


Apprentice Recap

I love it when teams are so cocky about the task and then they lose by a high margin. It happened last year when the men were certain of their victory in the sports car marketing challenge. Last night they were all certain they would prevail in the tailgate party, but they lost. Michael got blamed for the lose and I'm happy to see him go. Did he increase sales at all? In the cab he was complaining about being fired for almost giving away a resource but that would have been forgotten if he had actually made lots of sales, which he didn't. I think the biggest failure of the men's team was their pricing which was all on Lee. But like all tasks they is often no way to categorize a failure other than the other team came up with a better strategy. Allie herself said they invented tailgate delivery and that increased sales substantially. Who wants to walk through the cold when some hot blonde will bring your food right to you. My hope is the final two will come down between Sean and Tammy. Lee, Allie, and Roxanne are annoying and useless.

Monday, May 08, 2006


The Daily Show and Colbert Report

Other than the occasional news website, I get all my news from Comedy Central. It's sad when all the "real" news outlets are too afraid to report the truth. Luckily we have The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (the "t" is silent because it's French, bitch!). With a level of sarcasm they can actually criticize the current administration. The Daily Show has been around for a while and has a great format. The Colbert Report sprang up last year like a mature comic flower. Colbert has The Wørd (with the argumentativee bullet points), the never ending segment, "Better Know a District," Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger, All You Need to Know, On Notice/Dead to Me, Formidable Opponent, and The Threat Down (Bears!). Plus there are the greatrecurringg jokes such as his book "Alpha Squad 7: Lady Nocturne: A Tek Jansen Adventure" which has it's own website, his lost love Charlene, and his nemesiss liberal radio host Russ Lieber. With all this, I can forgive him for leaving the "This Week in God" segment from The Daily Show.


The Simpsons

If The Simpsons TV show was a person, it'd be driving a car by now. It's been on for yeeeeeeaaars. Many people think it's not funny anymore. I have to disagree. While it's not nearly as good as cutting edge as it was a decade ago, it's still funny each week. Two shows this season have been considerable memorable, The Wettest Story Ever Told (with the fantastic Poseidon Adventure parody) and The Seemingly Never Ending Story (with the complicated nested stories about Snake's hidden gold). But the best scene of the series came from what I orginally thought was a week episode. Bart and Homer go on a road trip to Oregon and end up in jail in Vegas. Marge sells Homer's expired pain medication at a garage sale and ends up in jail also. Lisa comes home from school and checks the phone messages as says, "Well Maggie, I always knew it would come down to just the two of us." This moment plus Lenny on the roller coaster in Vegas, Flanders singing Dreamcoat, and Rush Limbaugh at the garage sale made for a great episode.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Doctor Who

Doctor Who has been maintaining the high Friday ratings of Battlestar Galactica. I've been really enjoying it. Tonight is the introduction of the new character Captain Jack. The Doctor and Rose meet him in wartime London. A con-man from the 51st century, he is clearly hot and he's bi-sexual so we get to see some hot man on man scifi action. That's extremely rare. He's going to be around for a while according to sources on the internet.


Best Week Ever

I never miss Best Week Ever. What a great idea for a show: get a bunch of comedians to talk about the crazy pop culture stuff that's gone on in the last week. They talk about celebrity antics, politics, new movies, stuff on TV, new music and music videos, and of course TomKat. My favorite panelists are Frangela and The Modern Humorist. Everyone should have this on their TiVo.


Celebrity Eye Candy

I think that celebrity watching is bigger than ever now. Paparazzi have a bigger and bigger market with more celebrity magazines on the shelves than ever before. When I was in Sydney, Australia, glossy celeb stalking magazines were all over the place. Why read a magazine when you can watch a show and see what celebrities have been caught doing each week. In each episode the unseen narrator talks about crazy stuff caught on film and video recently. The reason I watch is for the hysterical song montages they do like "The Cell Phone Song", "The Mustache Song", or the "Scratching Song". It's worth sticking around after Best Week Ever for it.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Will & Grace

Will & Grace is coming to an end. Grace is now pregnant, finally. Is Will going to get back together with Vince? Will Grace get back together with Leo? Will Jack finally be successful? Will Karen divorce Stan? I'm not one who will stay with a show when it's past its prime. I've enjoyed Will & Grace for many seasons now. I think this year had one of the best with the Sound of Music episode. After tonight there's only two more new episodes.


My Name is Earl I love this show. All the characters are great. Earl is great, although it's a little unbelievable that someone could change his ways so completely almost overnight. His brother Randy is the perfect sidekick. Joy is the best villain. It was great to watch her punch Juliet Lewis in the face. Oh, I hate her. Crabman and Catalina round out the cast.

Tonight Earl has to make right shooting someone with a BB gun.



In my opinion, Smallville jumped the shark when Lana became a Kryptonite vampire earlier this season. How does one make a full recovery from being undead? For my friend Sean, it was when Krypto the Superdog showed up. According to, the show never jumped. Really? Who voted for that? Anyway, the fifth season of Superboy has been peculiar. It started well with the creation of the Fortress of Solitude but the rest of the season has been week. The thing that's gotten worse this season than any other is the travel time between Metropolis and Smallville. I think the writers have stopped caring about the fact that the two locations are supposed to be three to four hours apart. Would you drive from Seattle to Portland for a five minute conversation? It's retarded.

The rest of the season is going to be about stopping the Spikes from destroying the human race for still as of yet undisclosed motives.


The O.C.

So this season, Kirstin whined a lot, Sandy turned to an evil capitalist, Summer got smart, Seth smoked pot, Marissa destroyed people's lives, Ryan got into several fights, Kaylie turned up looking sexy, and Julie's and Summer's dad got it on. Also Seth and Summer and Ryan and Marissa broke up. Seth and Summer may have gotten back together last week. It was hard to tell between all of Summer's vomiting. She drank lots. There's two episodes left and here's my prediction. The police will search the house while investigating Sandy and discover Seth confession note that Summer left on Sandy's desk. They'll then search Seth's room for drugs and then arrest him. He won't get to go to Rhode Island. Summer will not go to Brown so she can stay with Seth, since she is responsible for it. Neither Marrisa nor Ryan will go to Berkeley since neither of them enjoyed the orientation weekend anyway. That leaves all the main cast members safely within the county limits for the next many seasons. Yay! Their lives suck for our entertainment.


Michael Bad Man

Holy Crap that was a good episode last night. Michael didn't do much until the end, but then he really ended the show with a bang. I was completely caught off guard by Anna Lucia getting shot and then when Libby walked in, it was a total JOTT moment. It's not completely clear the outcome, but here's what I think: Anna Lucia is dead. Libby is just hurt, maybe no even shot. What was she holding? Maybe it just knocked her down. They only announced "She's dead" once in the upcoming episode preview. Henry took her with him after Michael shot himself in the arm. Plus we got to see a shirtless Sawyer.

OK, now here is what we learned:

  • Anna Lucia went to Sydney with Jack's dad
  • Michael broke Henry Gale out
  • There was wine in the pallet
  • If you are a woman and you have sex, you will die soon (Shannon and now Anna Lucia)

Here is what is still unanswered:

  • Is Libby dead? Is she an other?
  • Did Michael make some deal with the others or did they brain wash him?
  • What was Jack's dad doing with that woman in Sydney?
  • How did Jack's dad die?
  • Why did Anna Lucia wait so long in Sydney before returning to L.A.?
  • Did Sawyer give them the guns? Will he now that his booty call is dead?
  • Where was Charlie in this episode?

Also, my theory that someone says the word "lost" in each episode held last night. Both Hurley and Libby said it.


Amazing Race Update

One of the best episodes of the season. Karma was really in the editing last night. First the team that cancelled everyone's cab (the Frat boys) are the only ones who can't get a cab themselves. Then in Darwin, the Hippies Yield MoJo but the MoJo beat them to the mat by a couple seconds at most. Not to the Hippies: wear shoes when running. Unfortunately we haven't sent them back to their drum circle yet. Last night was another "pre-determined" non-elimination. It seems like it is only a non-elimination when the Hippies come in last. I call shenanigans on the Race!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006



I first heard of MythBusters last Christmastime when I was listening to local radio while visiting my parents in L.A. The MythBusters, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, were being interviewed about the jetpack episode. It was an old interview since no one listens to the radio the week after Christmas. I grabbed a couple episodes on my TiVo and took a look. I was hooked rather quickly. My favorite moment to date was in the Shark Week episode. They were testing mostly myths from the movie Jaws including "does a scuba tank explode when shot" and "can a shark ram a hole in a boat" and "if you punch a shark on the nose it will leave you alone for a moment." On the later they needed to create a way to punch a shark without putting someone in a very dangerous situation so they made a shark punching machine. But first they needed to make some fist molds. Rather than just pouring plaster over someone's hand and arm, Jamie went to a sex shop in San Francisco and bought a couple "novelty fists." One was shaped like a traditional fist but the other was what I call the gay fist which is more of a jab, with fingers extended. Punching sharks wasn't quite was this was designed for. I laughed my ass off.

Tonight is a new episode called "Exploding Pants". Fun.


Lost - Michael is back

Back when I was in Australia, my friends and some time hosts Glenn and Angus teased me that I missed Michael's return. They lied of course to lead my expectations elsewhere. I've been back for five weeks now and Michael is finally back. I have a sneaking suspicion that very little is going to happen tonight. Talking and talking but no action. I'll report tomorrow on the resolved and new mystery lists. I really hope that it will be another on-island flashback like Claire's. And speaking of Claire, did you know she was the evil alien teen from Roswell who killed Tom Hanks son?

Random observation: I think they add the word "Lost" in the script each week. Look for it. Last time Rose said it to Bernard when they were driving in the outback.


South Park - mid-season finale

South Park runs 14 new episodes each year. The start of the season is in the spring. Tonight is number seven. The second seven episodes are in the fall. All the episodes are written and produced by the original team of Matt and Trey. This season has been on of their best with a selection of political and cultural parodies. They took aim at Scientology (again), the Mohammed cartoons, hybrid car owners like CarlT, Oprah, and ... ManBearPig? Tonight's episode has something to do with the Dog Whisperer talking to Cartman because he is out of control. Hmmm, I hope they haven't shot their load for the season already.


Mind of Mencia

With the biggest immigrant protest ever happening this week, I would not miss this week's Mind of Mencia. He is sure to have lots to say. I comedians that take no prisoners. He is just like a Manatee, either everything is fair game, or nothing is. And strangely I find him kind of hot. He is so not my normal type, but still I find him hot. I saw a commercial for the show this morning and Robin Williams is stopping in for a guest spot and he talks about how the man is keeping down the furry people.


Amazing Race Final Four

Tonight we are down to the final four teams as the races spend another episode in Australia. We are down to the Frat boys, the Hippies, MoJo, and Ray and Yolanda (do they have a nickname I'm missing). My team is MoJo, because Joseph is the hottest guy left on the race. The Frats are just tooooo straight. I'm over the lovable hippies. We've got the first big feud of the race with MoJo and the Hippies. MoJo hate them. Ray and Yolanda have had like two arguments and the editing makes it looks like the two are on the verge of divorce. I think they are the next to get the boot. I'm on the Race email list and this week they promised to have a foot race to a yield, where the winning time yields the other team right in front of them. Ha! I can't wait to see that.


Invasion - New Hurricane

Invasion has been very slow going. I'm surprised it survived over Threshold. Invasion is a family drama disguised as a scifi show. I guess all scifi shows have to have a sub-genre. I am getting tired of the "your destroying this family" storyline every week. The reason this show will never be great is its lack of ability to balance a good story of the week with the overall mystery. Telling a story over the course of an entire season is one of the best new trend in television. Veronica Mars, Lost, and 24 all do this well. Each week there is a story with a beginning, middle, and end and the bigger mystery is progressed. With Invasion the stories are all about the family and I really don't care that the daughter befriends hybrids or the son is getting more violent toward the hybrids or the step-father gave the boy a gun. I will probably drop this next season. The only reason I keep watching is for the hot ranger guy. Tonight there's another hurricane coming and the hybrids can feel it.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Veronica Mars

Only two episodes left in the year's biggest mystery, or so the voice over keeps telling us. The thing I love about this show is the way they weave the big mystery of "who killed a bus load of kids" into the individual mysteries each week. She's graduating from Neptune high but will she go to Stanford? Don't count on it. (I don't know why anyone would want to go a Stanford anyway). She's going to stick about Neptune and go to the fictional Hearst College with Wallace, George Michael, and Maeby. They've already started one of next season mysteries, the shaving rapist.

Tonight: Kuzak's trial finishes up. Will he get off? He's a celebrity, of course he will. What does Woody have in store for Keith? Woody is my choice for this year's villain.



Scrubs has been really funny again this season. I love the addition of hot Dr. Keith as Dr. Ried's intern boyfriend. Carla and Turk are getting ready to have a baby. JD is as crazy as always. Of course last week was a bit more serious than most when Dr. Cox walked off the job after he had a patient die on him after he setup a kidney transplant with a rabies infected donor. No news whether this has been picked up for a new season. Let's hope for a sixth season!


Teachers Finale

Tonight is the last of the initial run for the NBC sitcom Teachers. Unlike a lot of high school comedies, this has almost no interaction with students. I've never seen the same student twice. It's truly about the teachers and their sometime uncomfortable working relationship. What makes any good sitcom is good characters and this show is filled with them. My favorite is the hot Latina teacher who also works at Headlights, a Hooters type bar. The principal is also a hoot. It's definitely worth sticking around after Scrubs for.


Dynasty Reunion: Catfights & Caviar

If you were a big Dynasty fan, don't miss the reunion show tonight. It's not a new episode but a panel show with the former stars and creators reminiscing about their time on the show. I never watched the show when it was first on, but two nights about I watched the first four epsidoes of season one. Joan Collins didn't show up until season two when the show really got moving. Unfortunately none of the other seasons are out yet.


Apprentice recap

Charmaine was fired for being a terrible manager. Michael and Lee went along with Charmaine in an effort to make Tarek look so bad that The Donald fired him to. I don't think Tarek did anything on this task worthy of being fired. Lee and Michael were both awful. Lee sat there and talked around questions and Donald just laughed and called him a politician. I would have called him a cab. Michael gave a very rehearsed speech about Tarek that was all lies from my perspective on this task. What ever happened to making them wait outside while Donald consults with Bill and Carolyn? I would have fired the entire team.

Monday, May 01, 2006


The Apprentice

Thank The Donald the Sticker Bitch (Andrea) was fired last week. She was so terrible. She was so condescending. Last week we were also introduced to Donald Jr. and Ivanka. Is Donald getting ready to use them next season in L.A.? He can’t very well use Carolyn and George, they have businesses to run in the NY area. I have to give them big thumbs down for their first performance. Ivanka was either to nice or super bitchy, but that was probably the editing. DJr was just pointless. Good job kids! Really? No, not really.

So who’s left:

  • Allie – She held up well in the board room, she could make the final four
  • Michael – He’s no good, hopefully he’ll go soon
  • Roxanne – She’s been flying under the radar. This might take her to the top
  • Sean – “What a Wanker,” not really but that what he thinks of him teammates
  • Tammy – She’s pretty good
  • Charmaine – She should have been fired weeks ago for getting them late to the meeting. Girl, you gotta go.
  • Lee – He is the worst of those left. His best trait is manipulation. He got lucky with the early morning selling spot last week.
  • Tarek – The cutest guy left, I hope he makes it. Donald doesn’t like him.



This weekend I finally caught up on the best action show on television, 24. This season is my favorite season yet. So many favorites from previous seasons have died so far: David Palmer, Tony Almeda, Michelle Dressler, Edgar Stiles, and Secretary of Defense James Heller. They continued with the pattern of “who’s the biggest bad guy” where after they catch the bad guy it turns out there is someone higher up pulling the strings. This year they’ve gone from Russian thug terrorists to Russian Mafia-type terrorists to Robocop and now to President Logan. With the President behind all the madness this time, it’s a little more believable than previous seasons. Unfortunately for him more and more people are figuring out what he’s up to. And he may not even be the biggest baddie this year. Who is that group of suits on the conference call? Where they the one getting on the plane at Van Nuys airport? Tonight, Jack gets on the plane and tries to get the recording that incriminates Logan back. Only five hours left in the best season of 24.

Also tonight, PrisonBreak. I’m not yet caught up on this show yet.

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