Monday, April 17, 2006


Celebrity Cooking Showdown

First off, sorry no Apprentice tonight. But the good news is: it is replaced by Celebrity Cooking Showdown! Don't worry, it's only just this week. Now I didn't watch Dancing with the Stars (except once in Sydney while doing my laundry, but that didn't count since it was the Australian version) or Skating with Celebrities, but I will be tuning in tonight. Why? Because one of my favorite actresses is on, Alison Sweeney. Who? Ya know, Sami from Days of Our Lives. What? Yes I do TiVo Days everyday and I usually crunch an entire week together and watch only the first 5 and last 10 minutes of each episode. Really, that's all you need. But the best reason to watch the aging Soap is Alison Sweeney. She's been on the show since she was 16 and in that time she's kidnapped her baby sister, been dumped at the alter SIX times, thrown through a patio door, been convicted of murder and sentenced to death (and survived), and travelled to a Middle Eastern war zone in disguise. As much as I want her to live happily ever after, it's so much fun to watch her melt down when things go badly for her.

As much of a bad girl her alter-ego is, Alison is a sweetheart. My parents have met her a couple times at charity events in Las Angeles. I can't wait to see if she tries to play up her bad girl image or if she stays her sweet self.

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