Friday, July 08, 2005


SciFi Channel Saturday Movies

This week: Attack of the Sabertooth. It's the World Premier! I've been fooled by SciFi's Saturday movie too many times so I won't be watching. These movies are so bad I'm baffled how they get made. There must be a group of people who are trying to make movies just so they can be on MST3K. Don't they know this hasn't been on since 1999? You can tell it's going to be a bad SciFi movie if the description in the TV Guide has one of these sentence fragments: "A group of scientists...", "...on a remote island...", "...a mutant creature..." If it has all three you should set your TiVo to record The Weather Channel in that time slot so there's no chance it will suggest it to you. I've sat through a half dozen this year including Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy and The Fallen Ones. I was trying to make a complete list but most aren't even in IMDB. There was one about aliens needing human blood and another about bug aliens invading and eating all the trees on the planet. I did avoid Mansquito so I'm not a total lame-o.

There was one time I tuned in for the Saturday movie and was very surprised. Riverworld was originally on two years ago but is showing again next week. It's premise is everyone that ever lived on Earth gets reincarnated on this strange planet. The main character escapes from Nero and joins up with Mark Twain. The two escape with a group of good guys down the river on a Riverboat to explore what else is out there. It was obviously set up as a pilot which was never picked up. I hoped SciFi would produce a new movie each year but that never materialized. Click here for the TiVo suggestion.

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