Wednesday, July 13, 2005


The concept of Man vs. Machine has been hashed out so many times in recent history I would be very surprised if AI would ever be allowed to be developed. The Terminator and The Matrix showed a future Earth devastated by these wars. While I'm personally tired of this paradigm, especially the upcoming movie Stealth (why?), I absolutely love Battlestar Galactica. I love this show because the writing is so good. I love this show because it has good story arcs. I love this show because the characters are so compelling. There are 15 diverse characters I care about each week. Enterprise couldn't give us two. I love this show because it feels so real. The Viper pilots and fighter bays look not unlike a modern day aircraft carrier. I love this show because I love disasters. These people survived the ultimate disaster and they are still fighting for their lives. No one really knows what to do or what's going to happen to their society. I love it because just when it seemed like Adama was the one with the heavy hand, Roslin showed her ruthless side. I love it because of the modern day allegories such as terrorism and the separation of church & state. I just love it.

When last we left, Cylon spy Boomer had just tried to assassinate Commander Adama. The president was arrested for sending Kara on a secret mission against orders. Lee was arrested as well for siding with the president. Baltar, on the home planet of Kobol, was shown something by Number Six which is the meaning of all. Kara landed on Caprica and retrieves the Arrow of Apollo which is prophesized to hold the key to humanity's salvation. I can hardly wait!

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